Meet Lee Heyward

Meet Lee, Your Style Expert

Lee Heyward, Style ExpertGreat style isn’t about being selfish—it’s about achieving the confidence and happiness you deserve so you can be the best version of yourself. It is my goal to help women discover their unique personal style so they feel confident and fabulous every time they leave the house.

Through a combination of judgment-free style coaching sessions, fundamentals-focused courses, and one-on-one wardrobe development, I show women how to transform their style in a way that gives them a renewed sense of empowerment in their lives.

From 4H to Style Expert: My Story
Lee Heyward, Style ExpertMy passion for helping people feel great about their style started at a young age when I became a proud member of the Stylish Stitchers, a local 4H club dedicated to teaching girls about sewing and design. I learned to make stylish wardrobe pieces and modeled them in 4H fashion shows.

My love for style continued into the fourth grade, when my best friend had to change schools, and we wanted to make sure she made a great first impression. It was at the age of eight that I found my calling as a style expert. I edited her closet, getting rid of all things childish and not fitting for a cool fourth grader. Together, we planned the outfits she would wear during her first week at a new school.

After college, I enjoyed a career as a retail merchandiser and sales representative for Ariat International, an equestrian footwear and apparel company. But I always felt something was missing in my life.

It was not until my Dad promised to give my Mom $500 to go shopping if I would edit her closet that I realized I could help women everywhere achieve simple and effortless style. So, I quit my job, and in 2007, became a full-fledged style expert when I launched Charleston Style Concierge—which I rebranded as Style with Lee in 2012. 

Lee Heyward, Style Expert

Style with Lee aims to show women that great style isn’t about being egotistical; it’s about achieving the confidence and happiness they deserve. The right clothes can make us feel invincible, giving us the confidence to accomplish anything we desire.

I am committed to helping women feel more confident through the development of personal style. I have worked with countless individual clients, helped corporations upgrade their employees’ images, and spoken in front of groups teaching people how to achieve the style they want. No matter whom I’m working with or on what level, there is nothing more satisfying than watching my clients gain confidence with their new look. They stand taller, speak louder, and are proud of their new style knowledge.

Lee Heyward, Style Expert with FamilyAs a College of Charleston graduate, I am passionate about giving back to my community. As a former partner of Charleston’s chapter of Dress for Success, I promoted economic independence for disadvantaged women. While working with the group, I accepted donations from clients, organized fashion fundraising events, and sat on its Board of Directors.

In addition to my love for great style, I have always had a love for horses. An avid equestrian since age five, I spend my free time riding. I’m blessed to live in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, with my husband, daughter, dog, and two cats. 

To learn more, read the interview with Lee.
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